General Tutoring

The Writing Center’s primary service is to provide general writing feedback and tutoring to a wide range of students. General tutoring appointments are intended to provide students with general comments on structure, organization, cohesion, and other high-order concerns and have the greatest range of availability, meaning students can often meet with a general tutor without making appointments in advance. General tutoring can be greatly beneficial to lower-division students or upper-division students looking for a general overview of their papers. However, upper-division students with specific questions on formatting and citation styles and adherence to field-specific or departmental conventions are encouraged to make appointments with departmental tutors.

To meet with a general tutor, you can either walk into the Writing Center or make an appointment online and select “General Appointment.”

Departmental Tutoring

In an effort to expand its services for upper-division students, the Writing Center will begin offering departmental tutoring during the Fall 2017 semester. Department-specific writing tutors are upper-division students themselves who are preparing to graduate. Because these tutors have already completed most of their departments’ required course work, they’re familiar with individual department’s assignments, styles, and conventions. Additionally, because they are familiar with the content of the assignments as well, they’re able to more effectively help upper-division students respond to specific writing prompts and assignments.

To meet with a department-specific tutor, make an appointment online and select the appointment that corresponds with the department you’d like to receive help in.

Online Tutoring

Many DSU students are non-traditional, pursuing their educations online, or are a combination of both. To most effectively meet these students’ needs, the Writing Center will begin offering synchronous online tutoring during the Fall 2017 semester. Online appointments will take place through Canvas and will be similar in nature to Skype or FaceTime calls. These appointments will be available during times outside of the Writing Center’s standard operating hours to accommodate students who might not be to make it to the Writing Center during the day for in-person appointments. Intended to mimic the give-and-take of standard appointments, synchronous online tutoring will allow online and non-traditional students to have comparable tutoring experiences to traditional students on campus.

To make on online appointment, first enroll in online tutoring through Canvas. Once you’ve enrolled yourself into the Writing Center’s online tutoring “course,” simply submit your paper through Canvas’s “assignments” tab, then visit the Writing Center’s online booking page and select “Synchronous Online Appointment.” On the day of your appointment, make sure to log-in to Canvas a few minutes prior to your appointment time in order to access the conference (or “call” if you’re more familiar with other applications like Skype). Even if your computer does not have a webcam, you’ll still be able to see and hear the tutor assisting you. Your computer will only need to be equipped with a microphone.