General Tutoring

The Writing Center’s primary service is to provide general writing feedback and tutoring to a wide range of students. General tutoring appointments are intended to provide students with general comments on structure, organization, cohesion, and other high-order concerns and have the greatest range of availability, meaning students can often meet with a general tutor without having to make appointments in advance.


All walk-ins fall under the Writing Center’s General Tutoring umbrella. Walk-ins are available so long as the Writing Center’s tutors do not already have appointments scheduled. Just like General Tutoring appointments, walk-in appointments last approximately thirty minutes and cover higher-order writing concerns, such as thesis statements, organization, and cohesion.

General Appointments

General Appointments can be scheduled with any of the Writing Center’s tutors and cover higher-order writing concerns, such as thesis statements, organization, and cohesion. General Appointments generally last approximately thirty minutes and address the majority of students’ writing needs. General Appointments are perfect for students simply looking for a quick overview of their writing.


Online Tutoring

In an effort to meet the needs of Dixie State’s online and non-traditional students, the Writing Center provides online tutoring for students who may not be able to visit the Writing Center in person. Online Tutoring is intended to provide these students with the same level of support as their traditional, in-person peers but provides an additional level of flexibility and accessibility.

Synchronous Online Appointments

As with all of the Writing Center’s appointments, Synchronous Online Appointments are scheduled to last approximately thirty minutes and cover the same subjects as General Appointments. Synchronous Online Appointments are held via Google Hangouts and require no additional software. To learn more about online tutoring, click here.


Departmental Tutoring

The Writing Center provides Departmental Tutoring to upper-division students who may have questions regarding a specific field’s conventions or styles. Additionally, Departmental Tutoring allows students to meet with tutors who have the same major. Consequently, departmental tutors are especially qualified to provide feedback on students’ content and ideas.

ESL Appointments

Through the Writing Center’s Departmental Tutoring program, ESL students can meet with a specific ESL writing tutor who is well-versed in core English grammar principles and has built a rapport with the ESL department’s students and instructors. A single, specialized ESL tutor allows ESL students to meet with a tutor who knows them individually, along with their respective strengths and weaknesses.

History Appointments

Appointments made with the Writing Center’s history-specific tutor allow students to meet with a tutor who is familiar with DSU’s history department’s instructors and assignments. Additionally, History Appointments allow students to review Chicago citations and formatting.

Psychology Appointments

Psychology Appointments allow students to review APA formatting while meeting with an upper-division psychology student who’s familiar with DSU’s psychology department’s instructors and assignments. Psychology Appointments also offer students the opportunity to refine their writing while simultaneously reviewing content.

Upper-Division English Appointments

Upper-Division English Appointments are catered for English majors who need feedback on MLA style, as well as with upper-division content. The Writing Center’s Upper-Division English tutor specializing in various essay and analysis styles and is also an upper-division English major.