Capital Letters

1. Capitalize names of particular persons or places.

  • the Rotary Club
  • Northeastern University
  • the Empire State Building

2. First words in lines of poetry:

  • It was many and many a year ago,
  • In a kingdom by the sea,

3. Never capitalize a junior high school or high school unless it is the name of a specific school.

  •  Clayton Junior High

4. School subjects are not capitalized except for the names of languages.

  • I am studying history and French.

5. The name of a particular class or course is capitalized especially when followed by a number.

  • My class is Keyboarding 1120
  • A new course called Current History has been added.

6. Don’t capitalize seasons–spring, winter, etc.

7.  Capitalize “north, east, south, west” when they indicate parts of the country.

  • I lived in the East for ten years.

8. When these words indicate direction, don’t capitalize them.

  • Walk four miles north to get to the next town.

9.  Titles of people are capitalized when they are followed by the name–

  • Uncle Joseph, Aunt DaNeene, etc.

10. Titles of people in very high national or state offices are often capitalized even when not followed by the name.

  • Every American President has had problems to face.
  • The Secretary of State has left for Europe.

11. When the position is referred to instead of the person, the position is not capitalized.

  • The President has not named a new secretary of state.

12. When the title of a person is used in place of the name, it is capitalized. (This rule generally occurs in direct address).

  • Will you come with me, Mother?
  • Good morning, Professor.

13. Do not capitalize words of family relationship when used with a possessive pronoun.

  • my cousin Jim, your aunt Sally.

14. Capitalize the first words and all important words in a title.

  • The Last of the Mohicans, For Whom the Bell Tolls

15. Capitalize words referring to the Deity.


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