How to Write an Art History Essay

-Written in third person
-Strong visual analysis and attention to visual details
-Essay structure should be chronologically by artistic movement and artist progression and relationally
by movement or other works (
-Be aware that paragraphs in Art History papers are often constructed so that the topic sentences are at the end (
-No quotations, writer should use their own words and add footnotes to avoid plagiarism.
-Organize your descriptive details so that they illustrate not only the painting, but your analysis of it
-Discuss any symbolism within the painting that may shed light on the topic.
-How is the artist influenced (i.e. by other artists, by paintings, by contemporary events, or by political motivation)
-Influences that the piece of art had on art itself or on the time period in which it was created.
-Consider these points from

  • Location: Where was the piece originally displayed and why. Where is it now?
  • Medium. What is used and what are the repercussions of the use.
  • Lines. Are they straight or curved, thick or thin, horizontal or vertical?
  • Light. Warm or cool, bright or muted, what is the effect? How are shadows used?
  • Color. Does color have an emotional effect? Is it light or dark? Bright or muted?
  • Space. How is the space used? Does it offer linear perspective? Does it offer depth? What is
    in the space?
  • Style. What style is it influence by? What styles are influenced by it? What is the artist’s period and style?

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