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Meet Our Staff

Our writing tutors are trained to provide general writing feedback and advice to students, regardless of the course content, format, or subject area that students are working with. A number of these tutors also offer specialized services based on their demonstrated proficiency in the subjects they tutor.

Currently, we employ writing tutors with specializations in American Chemical Society (ACS), Associated Press (AP), American Psychological Association (APA), and Chicago-Turabian styles and formats.

Additionally, we have tutors who specialize in certain departments’ written assignments as well as students’ needs unique a particular program or subject; these include Chemistry, English as a Second Language (ESL), Exercise Science, History, Media Studies, Nursing, and Psychology.

Display image of Corbin Caldwell

Corbin Caldwell

ESL Writing Tutor

About Me

Corbin is originally from Vernal, Utah, but has lived in St. George for five years. He’s majoring in Spanish and minoring in English Teaching, with the goal to use both languages in his future teaching career. After graduating, Corbin plans to teach ESL while he travels around Latin America and Spain, before coming back to the states for a doctorate in Spanish. After that, he will teach in a university. It doesn’t matter much where he is writing, as long as his phone isn’t nearby to distract his monkey brain. The topics he enjoys most to write about are travel, culture, and language.

Display image of Dahlin Lutz

Dahlin Lutz

Exercise Science Writing Tutor

About Me

Dahlin grew up in a military family moving around, but calls Arizona home. He’s finishing up his last two semesters and is majoring in exercise science while pursuing a career in medicine. After graduation, he wants to go to medical school so he can graduate again later because nothing sounds quite as good as 9 more years of school. He enjoys writing in a quiet environment where he can focus and listen to his music. You can normally find him writing specifically about sports medicine related topics (athlete steroid use is a favorite), or other science-y things, along with any kind of analysis about the human condition, and every once in a while enjoys writing a nice poem when he feels inspired.

Display image of Emily Mildenhall

Emily Mildenhall

General Writing Tutor

About Me

Emily is from Hurricane, Utah, and is majoring in English with an emphasis in Professional and Technical Writing. Her plans for after graduation are to hopefully pursue a Masters degree and ultimately get a job that pays a livable wage. Emily is the most productive in an academic environment (like the campus library) because there are less distractions. In terms of writing topics, she enjoys writing about controversial issues because she ends up learning more about them and adjusting her worldview in the process. However, she also writes poetry and short stories as a hobby.

Display image of Jennifer Farnsworth

Jennifer Farnsworth

History & Chicago-Turabian Writing Tutor

About Me

Jennifer is from a small town in Texas, just West of Dallas. She is majoring in history with an emphasis on teaching. After graduation, Jennifer plans on seeking a position as a high school social studies teacher as well as earning a Masters degree in education. Jennifer writes the most productively in a school-like setting. A quiet atmosphere with a little white noise helps her to focus on school work. Jennifer enjoys writing research papers on historically and culturally relevant topics. A particular favorite topic is East Asian history.

Display image of Kristi Shields

Kristi Shields

AP & Media Studies Writing Tutor

About Me

Kristi Shields is from Salt Lake City, Utah. She is majoring in media studies, and plans to find a job writing for a newspaper publication after graduation. She is mostly interested in hard new writing, but also enjoys writing human interest stories and sometimes fiction short stories. She likes to write in a quiet environment that allows her to read things out loud to better process her notes and form her writing piece.

Display image of Nate Tinker

Nate Tinker

English & MLA Writing Tutor

About Me

Nate is from Rochester, New York and he is majoring in ASL Interpreting. After graduation he plans to travel, get certified in more languages, and interpret around the world. He writes most productively wherever there are snacks present and his favorite topics to write about are literature, poetry, politics, and history.

Display image of Rachel Allen

Rachel Allen

General Writing Tutor

About Me

Rachel is from Sugar City, ID. She is majoring in Integrated Studies with emphasises in Mathematics and Management, and she’s tutored writing for three years. After graduating she would like to open a cafe and tutoring center. Rachel loves writing in a comfortable environment. She likes writing in silence, while listening to music, or while watching a movie. Rachel enjoys writing about personalities and psychology. She also likes to write fiction novels.

Display image of Ray Vidrine

Ray Vidrine

APA & Psychology Writing Tutor

About Me

Ray is from Morgan, Utah and is majoring in psychology. After graduation she hopes to continue her education in a graduate program. Quiet environments help her write productively, so she spends a lot of time in the library. Ray enjoys writing about almost anything, but she writes most of her papers on mental health due to a specific interest in that topic.

Display image of Aspen Stevens

Aspen Stevens

General Writing Tutor

About Me

Aspen is from West Jordan, Utah, and is Majoring in Psychology  with a Minor in Criminology. After graduation, she plans on attending graduate school to receive a PHD in Psychology. Aspen writes most productively in an environment where she can kick her shoes off and get comfortable. Her favorite topics to write about are criminology, forensics, and research papers.

Display image of Timothy Lohrey

Timothy Lohrey

General Writing Tutor

About Me

Timothy is an Applied Sociology major who moved to the St. George area from Las Vegas 6 years ago. After graduating, he plans on going into public social services or pursuing further academic achievements, depending on what career path he finds most satisfying. He writes best in an environment where he can brainstorm with others, or a quiet environment where he can develop his ideas alone. He has a wide interest in many topics, but particularly enjoys writing about political polarization, globalization, political economy, social inequality, and international relations.

Display image of Noah Washington

Noah Washington

General Writing Tutor

About Me

Noah is from South Jordan, Utah, and is majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Leadership and Organization. Upon graduating with his Bachelors, Noah plans on attending Law School. He likes to write in an area that does not have a lot of activity going on, while listening to music that has a good tempo and beat to it. Noah has found that he enjoys writing persuasively and therefore


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