Online Tutoring 

Meeting with a tutor online is easier now than ever before! The Writing Center now provides online tutoring whenever the Writing Center is open in addition to extended evening and weekend hours. 


1. Click this link or the Appointments tab on the main page. Select Writing Center and then enter your student account information.

2. Click Appointments and then Create Appt. Student. Once here, select the Online option, your course number* and whether you would like to search for a specific tutor or date. 

*If the paper is not for a course, select the PROFESSIONAL option.

3. After selecting the time of your appointment, enter your preferred email. You will receive an email from the tutor at or before the time of the appointment.

If you do not see an email, check your dmail account.

4. Click on the email, then click on the Zoom link provided. Enable audio when you join the session. If you have a paper, attach it as a Word document or share it with on Google Docs. 

If you are having problems with the Zoom application, visit their website.


We are NOT an editing service.

We do not accept submissions and return them with feedback. Instead, we offer supplemental instruction to help students with their writing. The Writing Center is committed to better writers, not better papers.