Hurricane Tutoring FAQs

FAQs & Additional Help

We want students who meet with our tutors (whether online or in-person) to have the most positive, constructive experience possible. In order to help you navigate our new Hurricane tutoring program, we've prepared short responses to common questions. If you can't find the answers you need in our short responses, please feel free to contact the Writing Center directly at 435-652-7629.   Will I receive the same level of tutoring in Hurricane as I do in the Writing Center? Yes! The tutors we send to Hurricane are the same tutors who work in the Writing Center and have undergone the same level of training. Tutoring sessions in Hurricane are meant to mirror sessions that take place in the Writing Center; regardless of whether you meet with a tutor at the Hurricane Education Center or in the Writing Center, you will receive an active tutoring experience that focuses on teaching writing principles to improve your writing. Do I need to make an appointment to meet with a tutor in Hurricane? No, but it's highly recommended. Because we only send a tutor to Hurricane for a few hours every week, our availability at the Hurricane Education Center is extremely limited. To ensure that you're able to meet with a tutor at a time that works for you, we suggest booking an appointment in advance. Where will Hurricane tutoring take place? Tutoring will take place at the Hurricane Education Center at 112 S 700 W in one of the center's classrooms. To find our tutor, simply look for our logo!