Writing Center

Writing Center



Dixie State University’s Writing Center provides a variety of services to DSU’s entire student body in order to meet the needs of individual students and faculty. We work hard to provide the Dixie State community with a positive learning environment wherein tutors work in collaboration with students, and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide personalized and accurate writing instruction. To learn more about our mission and learning outcomes, click here.


Our Services

The Writing Center has developed a wide range of services to meet the needs of every student on or off campus. General, online, off-site, and departmental tutoring options are available to every student at Dixie State, which allows us to help you through a variety of effective and convenient formats.


Policies & Procedures

The ideal tutoring session involves a student and tutor who are both actively engaged in the tutoring process. Students who visit the Writing Center should come prepared with an assignment description and any necessary materials and should be familiar with the Writing Center’s policies and procedures.


The Writing Center is not a proofreading service (we prefer to focus on teaching rather than fixing). The responsibility to write at a high academic standard remains the student’s. While tutors provide feedback for paper improvement, tutors’ primary responsibility is to teach writing principles. Additionally, although the Writing Center is not a proofreading service, it does provide feedback on a wide range of writing concerns, including grammar and usage. The primary concern of the Writing Center, however, is to teach students how to address their own writing concerns, not necessarily correct all of a student’s mistakes.

Booking Policy

The Writing Center welcomes both walk-ins and appointments; however, appointments do have priority over walk-ins. Students are allowed two nonconsecutive, thirty-minute appointments per day. Students who are more than five minutes late to an appointment forfeit their appointment time. Additionally, online appointments must be made at least one hour in advance.

What to Bring

Students who visit the Writing Center should come prepared with an assignment description. Students are welcome to either bring print or electronic copies of their work to their tutoring sessions. Additionally, students are encouraged, though not required, to bring any other materials that might help a tutor understand an assignment’s scope or parameters.