Writing Center

Writing Center

Our Mission:

Our mission is to help students become better writers by approaching their assignments as a process of invention, writing, and revision.

Our Services:

Our services are free to DSU students and are compartmentalized into three distinct categories: General Tutoring, Online Tutoring, and Departmental Tutoring. Each branch of services has its own unique purposes and goals (for more information on all of the Writing Center’s services, please click the “services” tab to the left). The Writing Center is staffed by peer tutors who offer suggestions, instruction, and tips to help students improve their individual writing skills. The Writing Center is not a proofreading service. We focus on helping students become better writers rather than helping correct mistakes in an essay. Tutors give basic suggestions for improvement and teach students how to review their own work.

Our Booking Policy:

We encourage students to make appointments, and appointments have priority of students who simply walk in. However, students can walk into the Writing Center and begin working with a tutor if s/he is not already assisting a student. Students are allowed two thirty-minute tutoring sessions, or appointments, per day. Appointments cannot be scheduled back-to-back. Students who are more than five minutes late to appointments forfeit their scheduled appointment times.

What to Bring:

The ideal tutoring session involves a student who is actively engaged in the revision process. Students should bring assignment descriptions or any other pertinent materials to appointments.